Edgware Road Stories

Site specific sound experience

Date : Jan 2015
Location : London, UK
Client : Edgware Road Partnership (ERP)
Collaborators :
Georgia Jacob / Performance design
Sarah Aprea / Design management
Maya Merhi / Graphic design
Pei-Shan Su / Landscape design
Vilma Luostarinen / Curation
William Price / Visual Art


Edgware road (between the Marylebone flyover and Marble Arch, London) is a traditional place for settler over past 200 years. Edgware road and the local area have become home to many of the diverse communities who have made their base in London.

The client, Edgware Road Partnership (ERP) works to lift the appearance of Edgware Road, improve the experience and create a better gateway to Central London, working with local businesses and residents, Westminster City Council and Transport for London. ERP were looking for the proposals that communicate and celebrate their aspirations for the area rather than the problem solving proposals. They asked us to come up with a proposition that can be a fresh way of attracting more and more people come and spend their time on Edgware road.


Research : If Edgware road was a Menu, What dish would you add to it?


Desk research brought us the idea of thinking the Edgware road as a menu, including 5 dishes (sustainable salad, safety juice, community wrap, leisure soup, art pudding).

With this research idea, we met people on the road, and asked a question to them.
‘If Edgware road was a Menu, What dish would you add to it?’ This action research led a great chance to understand the place, people’s stories, and their dreams related to Edgware road.

Analysis and insight

Untitled-12 copyThe emotional map of the target audience journey at Edgware road. (inspired by Gustav Freytag’s pyramid diagram)

edgware_2 copy

Our main insight was that how Edgware road is a place of transit for many groups of people. For instance, immigration to London from war-torn countries, how and why. 



From the previous insight and further researches about Edgware road people’s story, we provided the idea of the Edgware Road Stories and the Story Market that layer the existing narrative of the Edgware road with the unheard stories of the people who have arrived, stayed and departed from the area.

The Edgware Road Stories is a GPS sound walk system with an app for the Edgware road. Through this walking with the app, visitors will discover the unseen stories of the people from the past, present and future. The Story Market will be launched as a one day event on Nutfor place. This market is the place that visitors can discover Edgware road people’s story on a deeper level through the physical objects and relics related to people’s stories after their sound walk experience. 

edgware_3Edgware Road Stories app (top left), Map of the visitor journey (top right), and the Story Market (bottom)